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Glove Cleaners was started in 1960 by the Talbott family.  It was a different time then, the company began by picking up gloves from food processing and manufacturing companies and laundering them, and then returning them to be reused.

During the 1980’s manufacturing moved predominantly to China, making goods far more affordable and eliminating the need for laundering and reusing products.  Glove Cleaners stopped laundering gloves in 1994.  But by then the name had stuck.  The Talbott family added a full line of Safety Products to their offerings as well as full service First Aid Supply and a Janitorial line encompassing a wide range of products to service to their customers.

In August of 2005 the Talbott family retired and sold the company to the Trenteseaux family.  The Trenteseaux family continues to grow the company, expanding to a great deal of national accounts and into the healthcare and automotive industries.  In addition to being a dominant force in New England we service a wide range of national accounts including Sam’s Club, Walmart, Valvoline, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Penske Trucks.  Additionally, we are now an LGBTQ owned company and are currently seeking certification through various channels.

In January 2012, Glove Cleaners purchased Airwick Professional Products of R.I.  Expanding their janitorial services including floor machines and repairs and a full line of private labeled cleaning chemicals.  The company now offers repair and maintenance on all industrial cleaning machines, from floor cleaners and buffers etc. 

The Company’s new website was released on January 6, 2012 and features all of the product lines available.  There is representation by Safety-Zone, Ansell, North, West Chester, Deb, Spectral, as well as dozens of others.  The process is ongoing and new products are being added daily.  This E-Commerce website has been substantially reorganized to provide the customer with a simpler more effective way to place orders, access customer information, search your product history and even print your own invoices, all from the convenience of your Laptop, PC or iPhone/iPad. 

In 2017 Glove Cleaners added a full line of Office Supplies, HACCP certified and safety supplies, footwear, packaging, landscaping tools, healthcare supplies, as well as foodservice items.  Most recently we have released an app for the iPhone which allows ordering directly from your phone by scanning in the barcodes of products you are ordering!  We have kept our name out of respect for the relationships we have with our long-term customers and the foundation this business was built on.  Though we no longer “clean gloves” we do just about everything else!

If you are already a customer your username and password are still valid.  If you have not signed up on our website before, please click here or the register button in the top right of the page. Or, call use at 1-800-723-3894 and talk to a sales representative to set up an account. Sign up today to see the new product lines in store!


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