UltraFloor Defender 10X - 64oz

Product #: SZPD-UFD-09


UltraFloor Defender 10X - 64oz The UltraFloor DEFENDER - An All Natural Bacteria Based Floor Cleaner UltraFloor DEFENDER focuses on grease / food waste accumulating on the floor, in grout and cracks, around the drains, under equipment, and hard-to-reach areas. Decaying waste on the floor can quickly become odorous, which attracts fruit flies, roaches, and other disease-spreading parasites. UltraFloor DEFENDER is a proprietary blend of surface active agents, including active bacteria to break down the toughest grease, fatty acids, and soil. UltraFloor DEFENDER (with regular use) reduces slippery floors and grease build-up, while maintaining an odor-free and deep cleaned floor. UltraFloor DEFENDER keeps working long after the floor mop is put away on both the floor and mop head. UltraFloor DEFENDER will also help remove fruit flies by digesting our strain of active bacteria as it goes to work in your floor drains as well. Product Features Designed for floor and grout Cuts grease build-up, fatty acids and dirt Proprietary blend of surfactant agents, including active bacteria Reduces slippery floors Twice the fighting action when you rinse down the drain with our proprietary disc DirectionsFloor Drain Cleaner Testimonial We recommend starting with the 10x concentrate for initial cleaning, then use the 5x concentrate to maintain clean floors Use 2-3 Oz. of UltraFloor DEFENDER per 2 gallon mop bucket of water. Mop entire floor and push excess down the drain. For tougher stains, apply 3-4 oz. directly to floor and use broom or brush to clean surface. INGREDIENTS: Water, Surfactant, Bacteria Cultures

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